Numerous projects implemented by G.O. Nilsson Ges.m.b.H. help companies in the manufacturing industry to achieve considerable savings in their energy costs.

How does it work?

The new technology is explained as follows: “The manufacturing industry works in sectors of their respective production with up to 50 ventilation systems or fans, which are driven by motors. These motors are in use 365 day a year and 24 hours a day. Considering that the V-belts installed must be replaced after 6 months, energy consumption is considerable – especially since there is continuous friction. With the newly designed drive belts the so-called slippage between the belt and pulley is eliminated completely. The motor only needs to achieve the revolutions needed for the volume of air to transport, which is proven to reduce energy costs by 6%, explains the management team of G.O. Nilsson unanimously.

Energy and Budget Saved 

Success proves you right. Half of all companies, including Woerle, Alpenmilch, Rigips, SIG Combibloc and others, are already using the new drive technology to operate more cost-effectively. Hannes Hofbauer, Maintenance Manager Alpenmilch adds: “In the industry, we are required to save energy. These new drive types help us achieve significant energy efficiency and subsequently also means enormous budget savings for our customers.

Good can be so simple.

Depending on the condition of the respective system, an exact savings analysis can be prepared in advance. G.O. Nilsson advises customers on the new drive technology and if necessary, installs it immediately. Changing to the new drive technology can be completed in just a day.

“The procurement costs of the new drive technology are higher than those for V-belts. However, we can guarantee three maintenance-free years, as well as energy cost savings. Ultimately, the new drive technology is noticeably more economic for the customer.” includes Martin Felber, CEO at G.O. Nilsson.