Each bearing changes over its time of use. Signs of wear, which normal don’t or only insignificantly affect the usability, can occur during the period of use. These signs can say a lot about whether the operating condition or OK for the bearings.

Fatigue, wear, violent impacts, corrosion and erosion, mechanical, thermal, tribological, chemical or operational over use can lead to damage. By analyzing the damaged bearings, we can determine the cause of damage and derive measures to avoid future damage. Thorough analysis of the cause and sensible preventive condition checks can increase the reliability, operational safety and availability of components or entire systems and thereby reduce maintenance and operating downtime costs.

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The period of use for a roller bearing depends on many factors: Load, rotational speed, operating temperature, lubrication, cleanliness, connecting parts, assembly and much more.

Proper assembly is one of the most important factors for avoiding possible damage later. Assembly errors are mostly made due to unfamiliarity or lack of special tools, rather than carelessness. Wherever the usual methods are no longer sufficient, e.g. for large bearings, custom bearings, machine tool bearings, we are happy to assist you with our assembly support or service team. Avoid bearing damage during the assembly process. If required, we provide special tools and devices for the assembly. The assembly is competently monitored by our technicians and documented, which makes things considerably easier for you.

PS: For employees from Assembly and Maintenance, we offer seminars in “roller bearings”.


Unplanned production stops leas to high downtime costs under some circumstances. In addition, roller bearing failures often include high repair costs. whereby the hardware itself involve only a small portion of the costs. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the bearings during operation can avoid such expensive consequential damage. The time point of a failure can be thereby estimated and necessary maintenance or repair work can be included in a planned production stop.

Let us monitor your machine! We have the most modern vibration measurement devices, our experts can detect error sources via frequency analysis not only on the roller bearings, but also drive shaft imbalances, coupling misalignments and much more The determined and stored vibration spectrum acts an identity profile specific to your roller bearings or system. Through regular measurements, we can detect and analyze changes.

Our selection ranges from the definition of suitable measuring points, taking measurements at the designated measuring points, analysis of the results and documentation, trend progression and data backup.

By the way: We offer training for employees from Assembly and Maintenance.


Approximately half of all costs for unplanned machine stops today are caused by alignment problems. This shows how important and profitable qualified assembly and expert alignment is. The professional alignment of drive shafts is there with, an essential factor for counteracting drive shaft fatigue and vibration. Excessive heating of the rotating components and the excessive energy consumption that results ca also be avoided by drive shaft alignment.

With the most modern drive shaft alignment systems, as well as rollers and roller alignment systems, we provide you with a comprehensive range of services. Our specially trained team can provide you with qualified, professional advice as well as perform the alignment for you. Our services range from determining suitable equipment to taking reliable measurements and alignment steps to the documenting the results. Let G.O. Nilsson align your machines!

For employees from Assembly and Maintenance, we offer roller bearings training.


We analyze the damage, assess the general condition of the bearings and generate a quote. On request, our assessment can also include warehousing improvements After your approval of the cost estimate, we will perform a comprehensive audit. 

As a certified SKF dealer, we at G.O. Nilsson have the required knowledge and experience in maintenance and repair of bearings, machines and equipment, as well as equipment management for performing required servicing. Through comprehensive audits, repairs and the identifying ways to optimize the process in regard to your bearings, we can help you reduce the energy consumption and improve the sustainability of your plant.

The continuous training and professional development of our employees guarantee you the highest expertise, not only to perform complete repairs, but also to use our professional know-how to support you with advice and assistance. Various repairs are made under supervision of competent supervisors.


Balancing reduce reaction forces caused be wear, contamination or inaccuracies in the assembly. This extends the lifespan of the bearings, reduces energy consumption and noise emission, thereby optimizing the total machine function. Our specially trained personnel provide expert advice and can perform the balancing for you on-site using the most modern, specially designed balancing equipment.

Our services range from determining suitable equipment, an optic laser check, to taking reliable measurements to balancing and documenting the measurement results.

Modern instruments for monitoring vibration and analysis enable dynamic balancing. The integrated software collects the required data, performs the necessary calculations and makes corrections (sum and angle). Although the balancing program normally works reliably, inaccuracies cannot be excluded.

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Machine tool spindles are the core of a system. As a central component, the extreme rotation speeds and loads, as well as the highest demands of precision must be met. When a spindle cannot sustain these loads, failures are inevitable. If a replacement spindle is not immediately available, the subsequent costs are high.

To minimize failures and implement preventive maintenance, the G.O. Nilsson spindle service provides a broad range of services for repair, as well as optimization of your spindle. This offer applies to all spindle types, brands, applications and processing types.

G.O. Nilsson full spindle service - fast - flexible - reliable. Of course, in the failure analyses - we dismantle and analyze the spindle then in the Condition and Failure Report, we inform the customer of possible causes and improvements that can be made to the spindle, as well as the machine. At the same time, you receive a detailed cost estimate. We are happily available to answer your questions regarding damage analysis.


Even expensive high-quality bearings can break down, but buying a new one isn’t always necessary. If the damage is not too far advanced, we at G.O. Nilsson repair or recondition the bearings. Particularly in the industrial sector, repairing as opposed to purchasing a replacement results in very high cost reductions. Professional reconditioning increases the lifespan of the individual components and provides the customer with significant cost savings.

We analyze the damage, assess the general condition of the bearings and generate a quote. On request, our assessment can also include warehousing improvements After your approval of the cost estimate, we will perform a comprehensive audit; the standard achieved after the repair corresponds to that of a new bearing. During an audit, the running surfaces of the bearing are polished, in some cases, the rolling elements must be replaced. Of course, roller bearings can also be adapted to custom specifications and the bearing housings repaired. 

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Purchasing a new drive shaft is not absolutely necessary. In many cases, a damaged or worn drive shaft can be completely restored. Worn or damaged surfaces are filled with new material, so that fits are correct again.

G.O. Nilsson has many years of experience in restoring drive shafts. All work is performed by our competent specialists according to strict SKF guidelines. The drive shafts are cleaned, degreased and checked. The drive shafts are then analyzed in detail. Drive shafts that are not completely unserviceable can be restored via the appropriate process, such as filling with new material, polishing and grinding for example. Through such extensive measures, drive shaft restoration provides considerable cost savings.


Individual design and assembly, inspection, repair, restoration and preparation of gears for long-term storage also belong to our complete service offer. As a quality-assured company, all work is performed according to the original specifications of the manufacture using original replacement parts, whenever possible or exchanging technical replacement part components when necessary.

We inspect and test everything thoroughly before we return it and all work is delivered with a complete service protocol and full guarantee. As with all our services, we offer the highest level of quality assurance!