Spherical bearings are ready to install and standardized machine elements, which as the name suggests, are agile and enable spatially adjusted movements. Slide bearings are used for rotary, swivel or longitudinal movements. Spherical bearings are elements with spherical slide surfaces designed for swiveling, tilting and rotating movements at slow sliding speeds. They are used in bearings where motion occurs between drive shaft and housing and alignment differences must be compensated. Spherical bearings can be divided into three main categories, which are each available in maintenance-required and maintenance-free models (radial spherical bearings | Axial spherical bearings | Angular spherical bearings). Factors that can reduce the lifespan of spherical bearings are, among other things, dirt, moisture and vibration. It is recommended that applications be discussed with our professionals from G.O Nilsson.

At SKF, slide bearings are available in four different variants. Bushings, thrust washers and strips can also be provided.


  • Textile Machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Electrical appliances
  • Agricultural machines
  • Construction machines
  • Forklifts
  • Car transporters
  • Escalators
  • Transport systems
  • Lifting platforms
  • Truck-loading platforms